UDI – 30 Years Cleaning Power

United Detergent Industries (UDI) celebrated its 30th anniversary of manufacturing and selling household cleaning agents. In the span of over 30 years, the UDI range of products has grown from just washing powder to include laundry bars, concentrated laundry liquid, dish washing liquid, dish washing paste and bleach. This has enabled UDI to bring out more products to satisfy the needs of different segments of the market, from low to high end.

UDI has actively invested in research and development, creating innovative products that provide added benefits. UDI also ensures that the price point of their products remain competitive in spite of heavy investment in research and development.

For this anniversary, a new logo was launched to show a more confident and vibrant image of the Kuat Harimau brand. It also emphasises the optimism with which UDI faces the future. Together with the new logo, new packaging is also being rolled out to provide a fresher, more attractive face for the products.

Origin of the Kuat Harimau brand
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